The Di-Namix Top 40 Countdown
-Produced, recorded and hosted by Joe Warrick.

-The show is completely pre-produced and has a very professional production value. It is mixed down and mastered to segments on mp3 for electronic distribution.

-Running time: 3 hours (10 segments -- 3 commercial breaks per hour). The show will be identical for all stations, except for sweepers and IDs, which will identify each specific station going in and/or out of breaks.

-The Top 40 songs of the week (mainstream CHR), played in order, starting with number 40.
-"Chart Rewinds," featuring chart hits of the past (back to 1991).
-Artist interviews (when available).
-Artist and song statistics & fun info.
-Possibility for countdown-related online contests.
-Web site at, featuring charts, artist & song info, etc.
-Interactive Fan Page on Facebook.

About the Di-Namix Top 40 Chart:
I developed the Di-Namix (pronounced like "dynamics") music chart in August of 1991 as a means of tracking hit music that I was collecting for my DJ service. I have published a chart every week since then! Each week's chart is tabulated by positioning songs according to subjective criteria, based on my personal thoughts of each song's success. Radio airplay data is monitored and plays a role in determining the top hits of the week. These factors allow the Di-Namix chart to have
a unique ranking of songs, while remaining somewhat consistent with the current national charts, and the playlists of Mainstream Top 40 (CHR) stations.

For more info, please contact me at
Right-click and "save as" to download:

Top 40 Demo #1
(7:23 - 3.38 MB)

Top 40 Demo #2
(7:17 - 3.34 MB)
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